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There are many reasons why people would need the services of a building inspection company. The most common reason is during a real estate transaction. The purchase of the house is usually contingent upon a passing grade from a licensed building inspector. He will go over the property and look for any signs of structural damage that will need to be addressed. He will indicate anything he finds that was not built to code. If he finds termite damage, the seller usually must take care of that first before the sale can go through.

The services of a building inspection company are also needed outside of a real estate transaction. An inspection for termites should be done regularly by all homeowners. Just because the house passed inspection during its sale, that does not mean that house will be free from termites in the years to come. Termites can invade a home when they find a suitable environment to establish a colony, namely any moist places that have plenty of wood. For that reason, termites are often found chewing on building support beams, around foundations, an anywhere where there is wood in an moist environment.

A building inspect company can find these type of damages in places that people normally would not see, like the crawlspace, attic or under the foundation. Once damage is discovered, you should make arrangements to have the termite problem eradicated. Killing the termite colonies will prevent further damage to your house.

An inspection should be done annually. Although you will incur inspection costs, think of this as an insurance against larger damages. Termite damage is very costly to fix. An experienced building inspection company will find these hidden damages so that you can take care of them right away.

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