Full Disclosure: The Necessity of Home Inspections

Standard Home Inspections

Home Inspection Is A Must

You know you are getting close to closing on the house of your dreams when you get to the home inspection stage. You just have to get over this final hurdle and then you can sign the papers and own the home you want. Home inspections can bring out feelings of dread and fear in people. You don’t know what the inspection is going to turn up. The house that seemed like it was built like a rock could have a crumbling foundation and need thousands of dollars in repairs.

Don’t despair. You need to know any potential problems with your house. You don’t want to get stuck with a house that needs a lot of work. It isn’t good for your mental state or your pocketbook. Your mortgage lender will make sure you get the inspection you need. In most cases, closing your loan depends on it.

Your mortgage company will not release any funds until the inspection is complete. Having your home inspected can save you money and let your relax. You will know every issue with your home, and if the seller doesn’t want to make the repairs, you just pay less for the house and do them yourself at a later date.

If the repairs are too serious however, like a major structural default, your lender may not close on the loan and you could end up without the house. You can find a good home inspector through your real estate agent or online. The inspections aren’t cheap and can take a few hours to complete.

The inspector will go over every detail of the house. Once the inspection is over you will know exactly what you are getting into. Don’t fear the home inspection. It is always better to know what you have.

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