Pre Purchase Building Inspection Can Help You To Negotiate The Final Price

Building Inspection ServiceA home inspection allows visual analysis of all parts of the home including the structure itself. Even when you are about to purchase a commercial property, a pre-purchase building inspection is a must and can save you problems and probably thousands of dollars in the future. The objective of such an inspection is to ensure that all parts of the building are functioning as they should, and that the structure itself is basically sound.

What Do Our Inspections Cover?

When we complete these inspections we go through all the interior of the home, its electrical, plumbing and other systems, the exterior of the home, with special attention to the roof and also inspect the foundations and any external drainage systems. Such inspections can at times give an indication of required repairs, and if you are otherwise comfortable with buying the property can be used to further negotiate prices, because of the cost of such repairs. Some people prefer to carry  inspections themselves, but getting in a professional can give you a better insight and is more than worth the expense of appointing such experts. We have saved our customers many thousands of dollars in unseen repairs. We are fully certified professionals and can also include pest inspections.

Building Inspector

Have Your Property Inspected And Negotiate

Inspection of a property before purchase is not an appraisal, which requires separate expertise. An appraisal is completed by a Real Estate Agent.  The home inspector will evaluate the physical condition of the building and its present condition and need for attention. The expert will indicate the longevity of the home along with other aspects, and this can help you to decide on the mortgage period.

How Long Does An Inspection Take?

Inspections can take a couple of hours at the least and may even take longer for bigger properties.  We do a very thorough check of the entire propety.  Our written report can form a basis to continue price discussions with the seller.

Pre purchase inspection is especially important for foreclosed properties. The foreclosure will have come about because of the poor financial condition of the existing owner, and it is highly unlikely that such homes will have received the attention to maintenance that is a must for all homes. So it is more than likely that you will find cracked walls, peeling paint, sagging doors, poorly fitted windows, leaking taps, damp. leaking roofs and other signs of neglect. Floors need to be in fairly good condition, as replacing a few tiles may be easy, but if an entire room has to be redone, this can set you back quite a bit.

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