Know Before You Buy With A Home Inspection

Pre Sale Inspection Can Save You Money

Be Smart Have A Pre Sale Inspection

You wouldn’t buy a car without testing it out and having a mechanic give it look over. It is the same with buying a home, especially one that has been pre owned. You never know what you are getting into if you don’t have it inspected by a professional before you close on the deal. The house could look great on the outside, but the inside could be falling apart. Don’t get stuck with thousands of dollars in home repairs by not having the house you are thinking about purchasing inspected.

Having your home professionally inspected before buying it is a necessity if you are planning on a mortgage. Most banks won’t even lend you the money without the inspection. You need to find out what problems, if any, are going on with the house before you buy it. The bank doesn’t want to get stuck with a lemon if you bail on your mortgage.

A professional pre sale inspection will include the following things. First, prepare for it to take some time. A thorough inspection is going to take around three hours. Every aspect of the home will be looked at, including the foundation, electrical system, plumbing, heating, and structure. The inspector will open taps to see if they run, check for drains not draining properly, and look for problems with the roof.

Many times, the seller isn’t responsible for the problems and will adjust the price of the home accordingly. It is also important for every problem to be disclosed so there isn’t a legal problem later on. For example, if the inspector doesn’t disclose the condition of the roof and it leaks after you buy the house; you might be tempted to sue the former owner for not disclosing the defect. As you can see, a pre sale inspection is crucial.

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