Why Do You Need A Prepurchase Building and Pest Inspection?

Building/Home Inspector In Action

Inspector Doing Thorough Inspection

Buying a home is a very exciting time for the buyers. When the perfect house is found, both the seller and buyer want to make sure that the sale goes through smoothly. From the buyer’s perspective, he wants to make sure that the house that he is buying has not hidden problems. He gets a prepurchase building and pest inspection, and the sale of house is contingent upon a favorable report.

During the building inspection, the building inspector looks for signs of damage, like termite damage. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages that the homeowner must pay for. During the purchase of a house, if termite damage is discovered, the buyer has a right to back out of the deal. Or, he can have the seller pay for any kind of damage that needs to be fixed, plus pest control services to get rid of the termites.

A house can look perfectly clean inside, but the damage can take place behind the wall, in the crawl space, and other places where people do not usually look. These are exactly the type of places that a building inspector will look to find signs of damage.

A prepurchase building and pest inspection protects the buyer’s interest during a real estate transaction. The buyer is already committing a lot of money to the purchase, and he certainly does not want to be saddled with paying for the repair of termite damage. If the damage is discovered before the final papers are signed, He can either walk away from the house or request that the damage be paid for by the seller.

A building inspection is a step that should not be overlooked. Having one done early will prevent many problems down the road.

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