Helpful Tips on Mice Control

Do you have a rat or mice infestation problem in your home? There are several ways of not only exterminating the pests naturally, but also helpful tips on how to prevent them from entering your home again. Some householders just lay down glue traps, rat poison bate out for them or simply call an exterminator that will just spray harmful pesticide that will have a negative impact in your home and the surrounding environment. Not to mention the fact that you or your neighbors may own a cat that may be fatally poisoned as well by eating a poisoned mice or rat.

House Infested By Mice

Is Your Home Mice Infested?

There are safer and more effective methods to use in order to get rid of your rat or mice problem and keep them out of your home naturally without negatively impacting your home and neighbors.

For low impact approaches, you may want to make use of snap traps, glue traps, electric traps, live animal traps, multi-catch live mouse traps. Most of these traps are recommended for this type of approach except for the glue trap, because even though it is effective in trapping rats and mice, it may also trap other animals as well.

You can use natural methods to repel these rodents from entering your home, why not try peppermint oil? The smell of peppermint oil is way too strong for these rodents to tolerate and helps deter rodents from smelling possible food sources in your home or around your home. Just place a few drops of peppermint oil in cotton balls and place them carefully where you may thing mice may enter your home i.e. Doorways, Heat Vents etc.

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You can also take preventive actions by sealing possible entries that these rodents may use to enter your home, remember that mice are very small and may enter through small openings so it is best to be safe than sorry and cover even holes in your home even if you find them an unlikely opening for mice.

If you see an opening in your home or shed made by a rat or mice, you can also use steel wool to cover the opening, as steel wool is much harder for these rodents to chew through.

Another solution to this pest problem is to have a pet cat in the house, perhaps it may keep rats and mice at bay even if the cat is not much of a hunter of rodents. Rats and mice pick up the scent of this predator, it really works!

An unusual natural deterrent that some use is dry snake droppings, carefully placed at the openings of rat or mice holes. As I mentioned before, rats and mice can pick up a scent of a predator easily and this may also be an unusual but very effective rodent deterrent. Why not give these natural methods of exterminating and deterring rats and mice from your home a try? It is much safer than using harmful pesticides that poison not only the rodents but may also poison you and your family as it is very harmful to your home and surrounding areas.

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