Professional Pest Management Advice For Your Home

Nobody wants pests in their home, but unfortunately, all kinds of rodents and insects find a way to invade and infest domestic residences. Once you have them, it’s usually a timely and expensive process to get rid of them. Take the steps to avoid pests to begin with.

Keep The Floors Clean

Pest Management 101

Keep Your Floors Clean

What looks like a few crumbs to you is actually a feast for a family of cockroaches. Sweep up after every meal, especially dinner. Wash all the floors at least once a week, and vacuum carpets too. Food on floors is the easiest meal for pests and will keep them coming back.

Empty Trash Every Day

Most consumers opt for convenience with trash disposal, using larger containers so they have to take it out less frequently. With the threat of pests, however, you’ve got to minimize. Buy a smaller trash can and remove the garbage on a daily basis without exception. Even if the trash is half full, that’s an engraved invitation for bugs and rodents to eat at your house.

Wipe Counters After Each Use

Creepy crawling things can come out of the woodwork at any point in a structure. This means your counters are easily accessible. Therefore, keeping them free from food is a necessary tactic of pest management. Don’t leave food out either, especially ripe fruit. The smells are irresistible to mice.

Stop Drips

Unsightly invaders also need a source of water. Most find it in the bathroom where moisture abounds. Fix any leaking faucets you have and don’t leave any standing water. Also, a roach can easily suck the water out of a dish rag or sponge left out, so take care of those as well.

Potential Pest Entry Points

Entry Point Electric Socket

Want To Get Rid Of These?

Most pests come into your home through cracks. Especially if you live in an apartment building and your neighbors aren’t as clean as you. Buy a few caulking guns and seal up all cracks in the walls, around windows and especially any areas on floors that present gaps. Check around outlets too, as this is a favorite place for cockroaches to come in. Use child-resistant plug covers for additional protection. If there’s an opening, pests will use it!

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure with rodents and insects. You don’t want them infesting your home, and you don’t want to endure the grueling process of getting rid of them.

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