Why Every Building Should Have A Termite Barrier

Installation Of Termite Barrier

Termite Barrier Made Of Fiber Cannot Be Eaten By Termite

If you think about building your home from the scratch, you need to take cautionary measures to prevent pests from infesting your house. Termites are probably the most common pest that can do a serious damage to the structure of a building. This is why your construction needs to include a termite barrier.

Such barriers are needed because they protect against the most widespread and dangerous type of termites, the subterranean ones. They are very dangerous because they dig their tunnels into the soil and when they encounter wooden structures, they dig their way through them, thus infesting the structure of your building.

Termites feed on wood and other materials that contain cellulose, therefore a termite barrier should be made from something like termite-resistant concrete or a stainless steel mesh. The point is to prevent the insects from getting in contact with the structure of the building.

There’s another type of termite barrier, which is usually a layer of chemically treated soil. Termites will avoid it because it is poisonous, so your house will be left untouched by the pest.

The best protection against termite infestations is a double barrier: use both a layer of chemically treated soil and a physical barrier that would raise an obstacle for the insects. Moreover, by placing a concrete slab under the construction, you increase the level of protection even more.

If you want to know more about barriers against termites, it’s best to contact a pest control professional company. They have specialists who are able to explain you in detail how such protection barriers work and what solutions are best for your specific case. Don’t ignore this pest, because it is very hard to clean a house, once it gets infested with termites. Prevention is much easier to do.

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