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So you suspect or discover that your home has a termite problem, this may be worrying you. Perhaps keeping you up some nights and looking in to how termites can cause damage to your home. Maybe you’re comparing pest control company sites to find which one can carry out a termite inspection and extermination in your home at an affordable price as this may mean an unexpected added expense for the month.

Here are a few things to look for when comparing pest control company’s to make sure you are making a wise choice and not just making a decision based on price.

A pest control company must be licensed with the Department of Agriculture or any other agency that is responsible for termite control regulation in the country or state. They have to have state membership or province with the pest control association or NPMA (National Pest Management Association). You want to make sure that you are contacting professionals to do the job so you don’t find yourself stuck with a bill and having to call someone else to finish the job. These seals and certificates should be easy to see on the Pest Control company’s website before you decide to contact them, if you have decided to contact them anyway. It is important to enquire about the company’s certificates, licenses and company guarantee policy.

Perhaps you may have a friend or family who can refer you to a pest control company that had helped them for a reasonable price as good references are invaluable. Make sure you contact 3 or more pest control companies to make sure you get more for your money, don’t just choose the first one you see online as there are other pest control companies that may give you a better deal. Some pest control company’s offer you a 5 year guarantee on their inspection and treatment of termites on your home, so that may also be something to look for when comparing pest control sites.

So if you notice that your termite problem recurs, you may be able to contact the pest control company treat the problem again and lay out bait for them to completely eliminate the problem for no extra charge. Treatment is usually effective for about 5 years once your pest problem has been resolved, chemicals used create a barrier in and around your home and are made to be safe on your home and environment. So treating your home for termites doesn’t have to be costly, you can price compare on different sites, maybe have a friend who can recommend one to you. It can be a doddle if you know what to look for and whom to contact.

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